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Cube Technology
Origin Shenzhen, China
Years 2004-present
Consoles generic 8/16-bit consoles
Sounds used various
Aliases CubeTac, Yimeike, YMK, Imaigoo
Games published by Waixing/Subor, Macro Winners, Advance Bright Ltd.
Related companies JungleTac, Biikoo

Cube Technology (Chinese: 立方科技有限公司 Lìfāng kējì yǒuxiàn gōngsī), also known as CubeTac, is a Chinese developer of game software for VR Technology's OneBus hardware.

Cube Technology claims to have been founded in 2004, but only adopted its current name in 2008[1]. It is likely that the company was known prior to 2008 as Yimeike (usually shortened to YMK in-game) or Imaigoo[2]. The company is based out of Shenzhen[3].

Some sort of relationship exists between Cube and JungleTac; a developer named Wise Wang is credited on Cube's English Alibaba page[4], but is also credited in JungleTac's EmuVT emulation software. Wise Wang may also be connected to a company called Shenzhen Biikoo Technology Co. (深圳市碧空科技有限公司) - archived versions of its website from 2008 contain references to EmuVT and game development[5] and the name appears in a VT168 demo available from VR Technology's site.

Cube's games have appeared on consoles manufactured by Macro Winners, Subor (in which case they usually contain a Chinese copyright number registered by Waixing) and Advance Bright Ltd..

Unlicensed Music Edit

One notable feature of many of Cube's 16-bit (VR168) games is that the music in them is directly sampled, likely without a license, from popular dance music; more specifically, a large majority of the music is from Memory Records' italo-disco recordings.

A listing of games with corresponding soundtracks that have been discovered so far:

Game Context Song
Apex Fighter Title Heller & Ohlen, "Round & Round"
Aqua Mix Title The Chemical Brothers, "Block Rockin' Beats"
Farm Keeper Title TM Revolution, "HOT LIMIT (T8-Floor P-Mix)"
In-game Phaeax, "Talk About"
Harry In-game Ken Laszlo, "Hey Hey Guy"
Loop Legend Title David Lyme, "Bambina"
Scene Select Patrick Colby, "Mandrill"
Pets Crossing Title Roy, "Shooting Star"
In-game Michael Fortunati, "Give It Up"
Rugged Hammer Title Albert One, "For Your Love"
Super Ping Pong (VT03) Title Robert Miles, "Fable (Dream Version)"

References Edit

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