Crazy Bus
Developer Tom Scripts LTDA
Console Sega Genesis
Date 2004

Crazy Bus is unlicensed Venezuelan tech-demo for Sega Genesis launched in 2004, by Tom Manero, the founder of Tom Scripts LTDA. It is considerad by many critics, the worst Sega Genesis game.

Gameplay Edit

The game is a 2D side-scrollers that simulates Venezuelan buses. The left key put the bus in reverse, and the right key make it goes ahead. There is horn command too.

The objective is cross the path of a lenght of 1-2 screens.

The background of the title screen and stages was digitalized photos made by Joseba Mendoza ans Juan Carlos Gamez.

Buses Edit

The game tries depicts the experience of driving famous buses in Venezuela.

  • Century 390: Irizar's bus.
  • Jum Buss 360: Busscar'a bus.
  • Ent-6000: Encava bus bus.
  • Autobus Escolar (is a blue bird bus) : A regular school bus in Venezuela.
  • Paradiso GV1150: Marcopolo's bus.

Trivia Edit

  • 2 of the 5 buses were made by Brazilian emprises: Marcopolo and the terminated Busscar. Only Encava is a Venezuela Emprise.
  • the sega genesis does not enjoy fame in Venezuela which is curious that the game is made for sega genesis was made to be sold in brazil
  • This is the first game and the only one of Tom Scripts LTDA because the previous ones were a generator of venezonalas plates and demos with Christmas mesages
  • a clarification of the copyright of the manufacturer of the buses is made but not of the lines of the autoubueses
  • the game has been considered multiple times as the worst video game of the genesis or even of video games in general due to the lack of disorganized music the horrifying graphics the ultra simple and very limited gameplay