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Counter Strike
Counterstr 1
Title Screen
Hack of Lethal Enforcers
Console Sega Mega Drive/Genesis
Date After 2000

Counter Strihe (note the misspelled word "strike") is a Russian Mega Drive hack of Lethal Enforcers. It is theorized that the game was released sometime after 2000, since it shares the same name of the popular first person action game Counter-Strike. The theory is further strengthen, as both Counter-Strike and Lethal Enforcers both involve officers trying to fight against terrorists, while trying to either save or not harm hostages, also fighting in similar locations such as a business office.

Nothing but the title was altered. The texts were left untouched, likely using the NTSC-U/C or PAL version of the game since it's in English.

Counter strike for Mega Drive (demo mode)00:43

Counter strike for Mega Drive (demo mode)

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