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Command & Conquer (Beta)
Publisher Digital Distribution
Developer Tommy Xie
Console Mega Drive
Engine Commandos Engine

The Command & Conquer Beta originally was Tommy Xie's project on backporting the original DOS version of Command & Conquer by Westwood to the Sega Genesis, but only an early beta is available to the public. Many people confuse this as an official port due to the fact the original Westwood copyright remains, although the ROM header of clearly says that it was developed using TomSoft MegaDrive SDK.

Trivia Edit

  • A more enhanced private version exists, according to screenshots once posted on Xie's website (and now accessible only via Wayback Machine), which include both GDI and Nod sides, as well as tiberium.
  • The cursor and screen scrolling use the same speed as Commandos. Sometimes, it may produce exactly the same amount of lag in case there's too many objects on the screen.

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