Colorful Dragon
Colorful Dragon's Title Screen
Publisher Sachen, Bunch Games
Developer Sachen
Console Famicom
Date 1989
Alternate names/hacks Tagin' Dragon

Colorful Dragon (Chinese - 變色龍) is an unlicensed game made by Sachen in 1989 and published by Bunch Games as Tagin' Dragon the following year.



Gameplay of Colorful Dragon

You play as a dragon and must kill all opposing dragons by eating their tails. The game has both co-operative and versus 2 player modes. There are 20 levels in total, with the credits appearing after completing all of them.


  • Composer, Programmer, Director: Rolland Cheng
  • Graphics: Wun Zu-Tsie, Hau Yu-Tsao , Min Fa-Tyei, Chieh Che-Chao


  • The title screen music is somewhat similar to Super Mario World's ending theme. It's because Hummer Cheng (credited as Rolland Cheng in this game) actually worked on both.

Cartridges and BoxesEdit

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