Chuanpu Technology
Chuanpu logo
Origin Taiwan
Years 199X-1996
Consoles Mega Drive
First Game Super Big 2?
Last Game Feng Shen Ying Jie Zhuan
Sounds used High Seas Havoc, Wonderboy III
Engines used Chuanpu RPG engine etc
Related companies Gamtec, Vast Fame, Never Ending Soft Team, Sintax

Chuanpu Technology (also went under the English name of Jam Port) was a developer of Mega Drive games, mainly RPGs.

Chuanpu appears to have been somehow connected to Gamtec, as the two companies often shared staff members, fonts (although these were taken from the DOS program PC Paint) and sometimes the Wonderboy III: Monster Lair sound engine. Chuanpu closed in 1996 due to the decline of 16-bit consoles and the rise of 32-bit[1]. However, many former staff members remained in the games industry and are credited in games such as Vast Fame's.

Many Chuanpu games were published in China by Li Cheng; this company would later go on to publish certain Vast Fame games in the country.

Games Made By Chuanpu Technology

Possible connections

These games share large numbers of credits with known Chuanpu games, but are credited to another company.


  • 川普 (Chuānpǔ) is the preferred Chinese rendering of the name "Trump".
  • Many Chuanpu games contain hidden text crediting the battle system to Tsui ChienHua of Never Ending Soft Team.[2]



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