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Caltron 6-in-1
Publisher Caltron
Developer NTDEC
Console Famicom/NES
Date 1992
Engine Various
Sound engine Mega Soft
Alternate names/hacks Myriad 6-in-1

Caltron 6-in-1 (later re-released as Myriad 6-in-1) is an unlicensed multicart created by Caltron in 1992, featuring 6 games previously made by NTDEC.


In a similar way to Action 52, this multicart features six different games made by Mega Soft, although most of these are rip-offs of other games. Many have criticised this multicart for its games being of poor quality, although it's often cited as being better than Action 52. Both versions of this are known for being extremely rare.


  1. Cosmos Cop (Space Harrier clone)
  2. Magic Carpet 1001 (Cloud Master clone)
  3. Balloon Monster (Buster Bros. clone)
  4. Adam And Eve (Balloon Fight clone)
  5. Porter (Sokoban clone)
  6. Bookyman (hack of Brush Roller by Hwang Shinwei, which was based on Make Trax/Crush Roller)

Myriad 6-in-1Edit

When Caltron Industries, Inc. was going out of business, a company based in Kingwood, Texas called Myriad Games, Inc. bought all of their existing cartridge inventory. Myriad then took the carts and added a very generic (no graphic art) label. They were then packaged in custom boxes with a folded manual. Each Myriad cart and box were numbered individually.

Myriad's only change to Caltron's product was to replace the label with their own. In fact, you can see the edges of the Caltron label visible at the edges, as the Myriad label is slightly too small to cover it. No programming changes were done, hence the games are exactly the same. In fact, the menu still says "Caltron". The six games on the cart are identical to Caltron's release.

Shortly after the release of 6-in-1, Myriad went out of business for unknown reasons. The game has become one of the rarest unlicensed games made for the NES. Collectors speculate that fewer than 100 copies exist, and even fewer are complete. The most valuable copies are those with box, instructions, and cartridge with matching serial numbers. The lowest known serial number is 000032 and the highest is 000888. At least two sealed versions are known to exist.


  • All six games would later be released on the Asder 20-in-1, some of which were revised.
  • The title screen of Adam & Eve shown on the back of the box is completely different to the released version.
  • Bookyman in NES PAL works (except for the title screen) faster with music and sounds and glitchy. On a Dendy, the title screen is glitchy and the game sometimes crashes on the second level.
  • Oddly, the menu features two different songs that can be changed with the select button.
  • There is a hidden credit at $7FCA in the game's ROM. It reads:
    Main_Program & Hardware design by Shao_Hwa Chiou

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