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Computer & Entertainment Inc
C&E later logo
Origin Taipei, Taiwan
Consoles Famicom, Mega Drive, PC, Super A'can, Sega Saturn, PlayStation, PC Engine(?), CDi(?)
Related companies Hummer Team, Idea-Tek

C&E (Computer & Entertainment Inc, 全崴資訊) is a Taiwanese company formerly involved in the development of games for the PC and various game consoles. C&E has since left the games industry and was last known to be involved in the development of DVD player technologies.

Several members of C&E are known to have subsequently worked for Hummer Team, including the programmer Silvers Lin and graphic artist Kathy Chen.




  • American Crisis - Never released, a prototype exists.
  • Bai-Bai Dino - unknown origin, found in a generically labelled C&E cart. Cannot be controlled with a standard Famicom, so may be a demo, prototype or intended for use with some unknown piece of hardware.
  • Rolltris - advertised in the background of Decathlon along with other released C&E games

Mega DriveEdit


  • Super Fighter


  • Simulation Zoo (Sega Saturn, Sony PlayStation), published by SoftBank in Japan. C&E's only licensed title for a Japanese console.
  • Super China Baseball League (Super A'can)


  • C&E also appears to have been involved in the manufacture or distribution of copiers, as it was sued in 1996 by Nintendo of America for marketing these devices.[1]
  • Strip Fighter II for the PC Engine by Hacker International was based on C&E's Super Fighter code.
  • Bao Tian San Guo for the Mega Drive uses the same sound engine as C&E's titles but appears otherwise unconnected.
  • C&E worked with Philips on unknown CDi game(s).


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