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Mario 3: Around the World
Mario 3 - Around the World 000
Publisher KDS
Developer BMB
Console Sega Mega Drive
Date 2010(?)
Engine BMB's SDK
Sound engine VGM Music Maker

Mario 3: Around the World (Mario 3: Вокруг света) and Mario 4: Space Oddysey (Mario 4: Космическая оддисея) are platform games made by BMB and published by KDS.

Overview Edit

The storylines in both games are simplistic, just like in every other game known to be created by BMB. Mario 3's, for instance, involves a mysterious cloud appearing over the Mushroom Kingdom and kidnapping Princess Peach; Mario then finds out from one of the Toads that Wario is behind all of this, and then sets himself of to rescue the Princess. Mario 4's plot has both Mario and Luigi fighting off a non-specific alien overlord and his army.

The gameplay is notable mostly for its' streamlined level design, awkward physics, wonky hit detection and most of the enemies being functionally similar to goombas.

Mario 4 tries to improve over its' prequel by including a two-player hotseat mode and the shop, available from the pause screen.

Trivia Edit


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