This article is about the Famicom/NES Moai-Kun version. For the other Famicom version, see Angry Birds 2 (Famicom).
Angry Bird 2
Hack of Moai Kun
Console Famicom/NES
Sound engine Moai Kun Sound Engine

Angry Bird 2 (not to be confused with the other Angry Birds 2 for the Famicom) is a lazy ROM hack of Moai Kun that has replaced sprites.

The game claims to be a sequel to the original Angry Birds, but the game itself is not at all like the original game, as the gameplay remains intact from Moai Kun which is a puzzle solving game.

The actual ROM itself is called Angry Bird 2, but the title screen says it is Angry Birds, with a picture of Red. There are two options; Start and Continue, and music does not play until the main game is started.

Gameplay Edit

The only playable character is Red, and the gameplay style is exactly the same as the original Moai Kun; Red must solve puzzles by pushing the crates to rescue blue birds, whilst avoiding the green pigs.

Pushing the crates too hard results in inescapable deaths. The green pigs can be killed with a headbutt, but more dangerous ones must be tripped up with a power item before they can be defeated. In later levers, recolors of the blue birds, orange birds have to be rescued and there are also pigs with crowns that shoot bats and swords from their mouths. Red also turns gold/yellow.

Strangely, if Red gets killed by either a green pig, hazard or crate, he becomes a demonic bird with wings.

The ending has Red headbutting a power item to load the credits.

Trivia Edit

  • Oddly enough, some versions of the game start at Level 2.

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