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Aladdin II
Aladdin II Genesis
Title screen.
Publisher X Boy?
Developer Ex-Chuanpu?
Console Sega Mega Drive
Sound engine High Seas Havoc (Mega Drive)

Aladdin II is an unlicensed Mega Drive port of the SNES version of Disney's Aladdin, originally made by Capcom in 1994. It was developed by an unknown company and was likely published by X Boy. This port can be considered the "opposite" of Aladdin 2000, a port of Virgin's Aladdin to the SNES.

Trivia Edit

  • Hercules 2 and Lion King 3 may have reused assets from Aladdin II; they both appear to be connected to X Boy and contain enemies and level graphics from the SNES Aladdin.

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