3 in 1 Supergun
3 in 1 menu.
Publisher Micro Genius
Developer Chengdu Tai Jing Da Dong Computer Co
Cart ID(s) MGC24-B
Console Famicom
Date 1993
Alternate names/hacks 3 in 1 Cartridge (Menu)

3 in 1 Supergun is a compilation of light gun games, developed by Chengdu Tai Jing Da Dong Computer Co and published by Micro Genius, which was released in Asia and Italy in 1993.

Overview Edit

This multicart contains three games, of which require a zapper to play. Oddly, all 3 games start up with a menu reading "Gun Fighter" on the top and with the option of selecting 3 difficulties.

At least two versions of this multicart are known to exist, with the other version(s) fixing the spelling of "Clown" on the menu and adding 3 (non-zapper) games; one dumped variant adds F15 City War, Poke Block and Volleyball.

  1. Clowr [sic]
  2. Snake Charmer
  3. Shooter

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