32-in-1 Multicart
32in1 GB Multicart Menu
Menu screen.
Publisher Unknown
Developer Unknown
Console Game Boy
Alternate names/hacks 1998 32-in-1

The Super 32 in 1 is a Game Boy multicart containing Sonic 3D Blast 5 and several other Game Boy games.

List of games Edit

  1. Sonic 3D
  2. Pac Man (PAC-MAN)
  3. Dr. Mario
  4. Tesserae
  5. Hyper Lode Runner
  6. Battle City
  7. Space Invader
  8. Alley Way
  9. GB Sonic
  10. For Bean
  11. Mr. Mario
  12. The Tesserae
  13. Kingkong Escape
  14. City Tank
  15. Crazy Invaders
  16. Arkanoid
  17. Sonic World
  18. World Pacman
  19. Virus Game
  20. Tessellates Game
  21. Escape Away
  22. Tank War
  23. Invaders GB
  24. Wood Pop
  25. GB Sonic
  26. Pac Genius
  27. GB Columns
  28. Puzzle Tess
  29. Good Runner
  30. Battle Tank
  31. Cosmos Invader
  32. Alley Kid

Video Edit

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