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JY-097 1997 Super HIK 8-in-1

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8-in-1's menu screen
Publisher JY Company
Console Famicom
Date 1997
Engine Various
Sound engine Various

The 1997 Super HIK 8-in-1 is a multicart made for the Famicom by JY Company. It is labeled as JY-097. It was re-released the following year (with the cover being updated accordingly) and the remaining stock was liquidated some time later under the QQ-9097 id.


This multicart contains 8 UNROM games. 4 of them are converted from MMC1, and another is ported from the Famicom Disk System. However, despite having games with save functions, it is unlikely that a battery is built-in.

List of GamesEdit

  1. Bomber Man 2
  2. Bombliss (Tetris 2 + Bombliss)
  3. Double Dribble
  4. Mermaid (The Little Mermaid)
  5. Hatris (Japanese version)
  6. Zelda
  7. Contra
  8. Gold Mario (Super Mario Bros. 2, ported from the FDS)


  • Super Mario Bros. 2 is cut down. The game will crash with a black screen after completing level 4-4. The player gets the same result when he tries to load A-1 from the title screen.


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