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15 in 1
Publisher ABAB Soft Inc?
Developer Hummer Team
Console Famicom
Date 2005
Engine Various
Sound engine Hummer

The 15-in-1 multicart (full name: 超强年度新卡 [Chāo qiáng niándù xīn kǎ] 15 in 1, literally Super New Year Card 15 in 1) is a rare multicartridge released during 2005 and containing games developed by Hummer Team.

List of gamesEdit

Parentheses are used for real game titles and/or extra information.

  1. The Legend (Street Fighter IV update)
  2. The Hummer (Sonic & Knuckles 5 hacked with an original character)
  3. Pink Jelly (hack of Panda Adventure)
  4. War (reuses music and graphics from Donkey Kong Country 4 and Earthworm Jim 3. Also uses graphics from Final Fight 3).
  5. Hacker (Jack - also known as Titenic, the game was later hacked to make Harry's Legend; the version on this cartridge lacks cutscenes or a title screen).
  6. Heroine (Rose - same as above except that you play as Rose first.)
  7. The Duck (Duck Hunt clone without the need of a Zapper).
  8. The Egg (Same as above except that the ducks lay eggs and if the eggs hit the ground, you loose 50 points).
  9. Beachhead (Panda Adventure levels with the same character as Pink Jelly. All colors are different than Panda Adventure)
  10. Jungle War (same as above, the game starts on a different level).
  11. Adventure (same)
  12. Gorge (Still the Panda Adventure style game but you can choose between 4 characters).
  13. Peace Sea
  14. Bridge
  15. Green Evil (13 to 15 are all the same as Gorge except that they start on different levels like 9 to 11)

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